Starcraft 2 – Map

  • Role: Level designer and Scripter
  • Platform: PC

This is a fun two player capture the point map for Starcraft 2 – Wings of Liberty.

The map features two bases, each base has a narrow ramp up into the base. I purposely made them a bit smaller than ordinary maps because the map is supposed to be played in 15 minutes or less.

The bases also have harassment platforms.

The map starts out with the lava raised, and in 2 minutes intervals the lava recedes and is down for 60 seconds. This is because I wanted to make the players stressed and hop from one platform to the next rather than run straight for the capture point.

During testing, I found the distance and timing for un-upgraded tier one units are able to run to the capture point within one lava cycle, but the path-finding makes them collide if they are greater than five. And mostly when there are five or more units, the player will lose some to the lava.

Did all the scripting myself from scratch, and designed and did the map.

[ The map is sadly lost somewhere, I am still looking for it to share ]