Song of the Bardbarians

  • RoleGameplay Programmer, Scripter
  • PlatformPlaystation 4
  • Scripting Language: C#
  • Engine: Unity

An action-packed experience filled with music, violence and puns

Game overview

You play as the Bardbarian named Chïtara who has to save her fellow band members from the hooligan orcs of the orchestra. With your axe, doubling as a guitar, in hand you set off on a journey through the castle of the orcs. You have to slash your way through hordes of enemies, and use your powerful guitar-playing, to save your best friends in the heart of the castle.


Song of the Bardbarians was the second project as a Programmer. It was quite the project due to the massive size of this group. We were 18 students working on this and it was made during the Covid-19 breakout so about three weeks in of nine we had to work from home.