Jolly Woodcutters

  • Role: Game Designer, Scripter
  • Platform: Playstation 4
  • Scripting Language: Python

Jolly woodcutters is a quick easy to pick-up game featuring woodcutters, beavers and big axes!

Game overview

Jolly woodcutters was the third and last big game project I did at Playground Squad.
It’s a fun, easy chop’em up area game with simple controls for anyone to pickup and play right of the bat.


During this project I took the role Scripter and Game Designer.
I scripted the generation of the level in LUA. Making sure that each map would be a bit different but still resemble the rest.
I also scripted the controls and maping for the characters and the main menu.


Our goal with this game was to make a quick and easy to play chop em up game. And I must say we delivered what we set upon to do.