• Role: Creative Director
  • Platform: Playstation Vita
  • Scripting Language: Python

Evoke, is a strategical game where you are thrown into a world and need to defeat armies to rule the land!

Game overview

Evoke, was the second project I was part of as a student at PlaygroundSquad.

This game is a strategic game for the PlayStation Vita
In this game you play as a necromancer summoning evil minions to crawl across the land killing everything in your way
It has thirteen levels total, that all are harder and becomes more and more unforgiving as you progress trough the game.
You have three minions to command. Marksmen, Mages and Warriors. They all have different attack patterns and unique strategic uses.

The main gameplay lies in the battles where you have to swap two of your own units, making them attack in the respective patterns. But also keep in mind that the enemies that get hit tries to retaliate back at your own units.


During this project I took the role of the Creative Director and Game Designer.

While designing this game we were inspired by Chess, Plants vs Zombies and Candy Crush. I wanted to take the best bits of each game and brew something out of it. So we took the swapping mechanics from Candy Crush, combined this with chess pieces movement as attack patterns. And finally dressed this in a nice package resembling Plants vs Zombies aesthetics.

Our goal was to make a challenging game-play where the player always had to be a few steps ahead of his or hers own movements, always thinking ahead. When we had to make radical changes to the game, we didn’t want them to affect the graphical assets we had. And we didn’t want to add anymore assets either as the artists already was strained. This was a real fun challenge and I am proud of what the team accomplished after all.